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Your Fourth Choice
Killing Cancer Cells with PAW PAW
-That Little Known Treatment that Grows on Trees
by John Clifton


Chances are
you've never heard of Paw Paw. Neither had I before my wife got life-threatening cancer–and survived it.

Paw Paw is an American tree whose twigs are processed to extract "acetogenins"–miraculous stuff that attacks cancer cells, not by poisoning, like chemotherapy, but by depriving cells of the energy they need to survive.

Paw paw has been studied for many decades, and has enjoyed great successes, even in so-called "hopeless" cases. It works on all types of cancers. When used in combination with chemotherapy drugs, paw paw kills even the "multiple drug resistant" cells that chemo leaves behind.

The problem is that, until now, few people have been made aware of this surprising treatment. That's why I'm writing this book

"Extract from the paw paw tree is  perhaps a "best kept secret."
This book will reveal information that ANY CANCER PATIENT would benefit from–most likely benefit GREATLY from!"
John Clifton, Author

Paw paw fruit on the tree. The fruit is delicious, but not used for medicinal paw paw extract, which is processed from the twigs of the tree.



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