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In addition to scoring for live orchestra and ensembles, Clifton joined the early pioneers of computer music sequencing, producing many recorded electronic scores designed to synchronize with live performances.  The culmination of this work was realized in his completely electronic score for a full opera, "The Witch Boy," listed below.  In its review, the N.Y. Daily News mentioned Clifton's "brilliant electronic orchestration."


Orchestrations include:

Alice Through the Looking Glass and Pinocchio (Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden)
A Bistro Car on the CNR
Head Over Heels (off-Broadway)
The Madwoman of Central Park West (Broadway)
Man With a Load of Mischief (Off-Broadway)
Sullivan and Gilbert (Musical play by Kenneth Ludwig/Huntington Theater, Boston)
Treasure Island (National Tour)
The Witch Boy (3-Act Opera by the late Timothy Lloyd, based upon “Dark Of The Moon,”
       New York University production)

Innumerable shows for young audiences including orchestrations of his own work as well as that of other composers. (See his Composer credits.)




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