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Accompanying a singer is far different than playing solo or with an instrumental ensemble.  The accompanist's job is to enhance the vocal, not just play along with the soloist.  You have to become one musically, performer and accompanist. It takes give and take, a lot of listening and adjusting to the performer. There are many great pianists in the world, but few great accompanists.

Onstage Accompanist for:

Richard Dean Anderson
Barbara Cook
Mary Jo Catlett
Anita Ellis
Suellen Estey
Elliot Gould
Robert Guillaume
David Hasselhof
June Havoc
Kathy Hayes
Francesca James
Larry Kert
Grant Loud
Jeff McCarthy
Liza Minnelli
William Mooney
Phyllis Newman
Joan Rivers
Fran Warren
Ruth Warwick
Tom Wopat




Pianist/Keyboardist credits include:

All My Children
Daytime TV series, Regular onscreen pianist)

Anyone Can Whistle
(Berkshire Theater Festival, Stockbridge MA)

Barbara Cook: A Concert for the Theatre

(Berkshire Theater Festival, Stockbridge MA)

Lyrics and Lyricists Series
(Many performances, 92nd Street Y, New York)

The Madwoman Of Central Park West
(with Phyllis Newman, Royal Poinciana Playhouse, Palm Beach FL)

Man of La Mancha

(Original Company, New York)

New Girl In Town
(Equity Library Theater, New York)

The Fantasticks
(Sullivan Street Playhouse, New York)

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