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Designer/Graphic Artist/Painter______________

Most of Clifton's formal training was in the visual arts, not music. Though he is mostly known as a musician, he still utilizes his graphic skills.

Painter and Graphic Artist

First Prize in Painting “Beach Still Life” Chautauqua International 1956
10 Scholastic Magazine Art Awards (Gold Key Awards) 1952-53
Book Designer (Several titles, including “Buying Louisiana” by Josée Clerens, “The
     Hispanic Manifest Destiny” by Louis E. V. Nevaer, etc.)

Web Site Designs include:

Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School (Webmaster 1996-2001)
Tenants Alliance of Glenn Gardens (
Stop The Shots! (
Sparky Fights Back! ( )
Man With A Load of Mischief (
Appalachian Fling (






Clifton illustrated his latest book:


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