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   If you haven't yet picked up a copy of John's
most recent release, you're missing a book
described as "witty and fresh," "sharp and funny,"
and "wittily barbed."  The Forbidden Political Dictionary
is now available wherever you buy books,
and you can learn more about it and
order it at
Political humor is a new area for Clifton, whose
previous books dealt with pets and their health.








John's dog Sparky was diagnosed with "incurable" lymphoma in the year 2000, at the age of six. When the dog, an Australian terrier, decided to beat the odds and survive, John and his wife Josée decided to write a book about it.  Josée was already an experienced writer, her  work including the novelized history  "BuyingSparky Fights Back Louisiana: An Eye Witness's Account of the Louisiana Purchase" and many columns printed in her native Belgium. This was their first artistic collaboration, resulting in the highly successful book "Sparky Fights Back," listed below.  John has been heard on over 200 radio station across America and national television, talking about animal cancer and their book.


When it became apparent to John that Sparky's cancer might have been caused by over-vaccination, he began Stop the Shots!to study that topic, finally writing a book about it (alone this time). "Stop the Shots!" was  number one in its category on Amazon's "Hot New Releases" for three months.  The book continues to sell briskly as more pet owners discover the dangers of vaccinations. 

John has also written many online pieces, mostly on animal health topics.







The Forbidden Political Dictionary (Foley Square, April 2010)

Stop The Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? (Foley Square, 2006)

Sparky Fights Back: A Little Dog’s Big Battle Against Cancer (Foley Square, 2004. Award 
     Finalist "Best  Book/General Interest," Dog Writers Association of America 2005)

Canine Cancer Monthly (Columnist/Editor, online publication)

Fighting Back – Animal Health News (Columnist/Editor, online publication)



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