Young People's Theatre.

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___Young People's Theatre____

Samples from shows with scores by Clifton.   



Performance Rights Available

For information about these shows, including professional and amateur performance rights, contact The Fanfare Theatre Ensemble

To see a promotional VIDEO (Media Player Movie) and hear complete scores (MP3), visit the FANFARE PAGE.



    Jack and the Beanstalk  Lyrics by Evan Thompson

Up Up and Away

Fee Fi Fo

Tom Sawyer   Lyrics by John Clifton and Tom Tippett

Aunt Polly's Pertickuler

Alice Through The Looking Glass  Lyrics by Evan Thompson

When the King Wakes Up

An Egg That Has Spoke To A King

Goldilocks  Lyrics by Evan Thompson

The Bear Facts

Huckleberry Finn  Lyrics by Evan Thompson


We're Gonna Hafta Learn To get Along

The Magical Christmas of Mr. and Mrs.
    Santa Claus
Lyrics by Evan Thompson

South American Christmas


Cinderella  Lyrics by Clifton

Riding In A Coach

Little Red Riding Hood  Lyrics by Evan Thompson & Joan Shepard

That's a No-No

Gee, Gramma

Puss In Boots  Lyrics by Evan Thompson

The Marvelous Marquis of Montrechat

Treasure Island  Lyrics by Clifton

If I Had A Chest Full Of Treasure

Honest Sailors

Yo Ho Ho!

A Christmas Carol   Lyrics by Evan Thompson

One Chance, One Hope


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