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    Two babies are born on the same day in East Jerusalem—a Jewish girl and an Arab boy... Two Catholic nuns (nurses), following a voice in a mystical vision, interchange the babies, presenting the Arab boy to an Israeli army officer, and the Jewish girl to an Arab sheik. The boy, twenty years later, is an Israeli soldier, and the girl a Palestinian militant. They meet by chance, and are attracted to each other, despite their mutual cultural antipathy.

     The young man (Moshe) calls on the young woman (Lillah) at her house. She rejects his attention and he leaves, still unable to get her out of his brain. Lillah’s brothers, however, are told that an Israeli soldier was seen leaving her house. The brothers become convinced that she made love to an Israeli. To revenge this act, and protect the family’s honor, they decide to kill both Lillah and Moshe. The brothers secretly attack Moshe and his military buddy, Raful. Despite Lillah’s desperate pleas, the brothers kill Raful and attempt to kill Moshe.

     In self-defense, Moshe fatally shoots the brothers. Moshe’s father, Colonel Yossi, has Lillah’s father arrested and jailed. Lillah learns of her family’s intention to kill her, and she feels desperately alone in the world. Only Moshe’s love can save her.

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    The two lovers ride waves of competing emotions stirring within them—while each loves the other, they are torn by the hatred for what the other stands for. Finally, though, Moshe and Lillah discard their inbred differences and become bound together by circumstances and by their love. They plan to marry, defying both cultures.

     But Israel’s law prohibits marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew. She will convert to Judaism. But the Rabbinical Court must first try her, to assure that she is acting out of religious sincerity, and not just for the convenience to marry. The trial is sensational, with international media coverage and world attention. During the trial, one of the Catholic sisters is put on the stand. She reveals to a stunned world that Lillah is actually a Jew, and Moshe an Arab. Mayhem ensues. A fake bomb scare empties the courtroom, leaving Lillah and Moshe alone. ...Despite the shock of learning their true lineage, they reaffirm their love, and vow to remain strong as they make their way through life.



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