Learning Tracks [MP3]

NOTE: These STEREO song files are recorded with the VOCAL CUE on the LEFT channel and the PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT on the RIGHT channel.  You can isolate either track with a BALANCE control, or by simply using only one Earbud or Headphone.


Israel Here [0]
Land of Miracles [1]
Chant: ‘Here in Jerusalem” [1A]
Fragment “Land of Miracles” [1B]
My Land [2]
Fascinating Woman [3]
Scene: “I was born in Morocco” [3A]
My Land/Fascinating Woman [4]
A Reason for Everything [5]
Underscore–Scene 5 Opening [5A]
Two Eagles [6]
Scene–As Allah Watched [6A]
Musical Fragment–Ahmed’s Prayer [6B]
Scene–“Tell Abu Amar’s son” [6C]
Angels of Heaven [7]
Two Eagles (Reprise Fragment) [7A]
The Chain of Life [8]
Just Me Now [9]
Wise Words [10]
Scene Change–Streets to Post [10-A]
Love Comes Marching [11]


A Rumor In Town [12]
Night of Jerusalem [13]
Love Comes Marching (Reprise) [14]
Chain of Life (Reprise) [14-A]
Scene–“In the name of Allah” [14-B]
Abdallah’s Lament [14-C]
Why, Allah? [15]
My Land (Reprise) [16]
The Chain Of Life (Reprise 2) [16-A]
Underscore–Before “Eagles Reprise” [16-B]
Two Eagles (Reprise) [17]
Our Love Will Shine [18]
And Then Came Love [19]

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