From: The New York Times, May 13, 1974
Stage: Grand Musical

E.L.T.’s “Man With a Load of Mischief” Is Evocative of 18th-Century Scene


On the heels of a brilliant “Bloomers,” the uptown Equity Library Theater is closing its season with “Man With a Load of Mischief,” an almost unflawed English rose of a musical. Somebody should pin one on the door of the theater, on 103rd Street at Riverside Drive. For that matter, a law should be passed that this delectable show, which played Off- Broadway seven years ago, should run at least all summer.

John Clifton, composer, and Ben Tarver, co-lyricist and adapter, have transposed Ashley Dukes’ 1924 comedy, with six characters in an early l8th-century country hostelry, into a deft, tasteful musical frame evocative of the period, wayside intrigue and the tartly sweet yearnings of love. The score itself is downright enchanting, and how many of today’s scores are?...

…The show flows crisply, with a nice edge of wistfulness. With not one clinker, it’s hard to choose a favorite song from Mr. Clifton’s melodic batch. I pick a beautiful waltz,
“Come to the Masquerade.” The Equity Library Theater, ending its season, has picked another winner and served it accordingly.