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MAN WITH A LOAD OF MISCHIEF was an off-Broadway success in 1966/67, then played London's West End in 1968/69. For nearly forty years it has been staged in Alice Cannon and Raymond Thorne, 1966 various theatres, indeed has been done around the globe, mostly in English-speaking countries. It has been revived three times in New York, most recently in a 'concert production' at the York Theatre, in the fall of 2012. It has proven to have a timeless charm and continuing relevance, a loyal following too large to be merely a 'cult' following. 

The 1966 Original Cast recording, now nearly impossible to find even in rare record shops, excluded much of the show's music, due to the space limitations of vinyl LP records. 

, released in July of 2004, includes much more material than the Original Cast Album (over a full hour of music).

This site offers information for those already familiar with this very special musical, as well as an introduction to several generations of newer theater-goers.

Studio Cast Recording


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riginal Cast Records
Release date: July, 2004


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Now available!

The Complete
Score and Complete Script!

The complete piano-vocal score had not been available for purchase until its recent publication  (2011). This score is the complete musical, containing every song, every note found in the piano conductor score used in public performances. It includes the Overture, all the songs, scene changes, and miscellaneous cues.

The Script contains all the song lyrics and notes by the authors.

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"PERFECTLY               CHARMING!"
--NY Times

-- NY Post

--NY Daily News



"A magical musical miracle..."

was produced off-Broadway in the late 1960's. It was a sensation in its time...

"The show is placed in the same historical period as Pride and Prejudice, and the romance contained therein is pure magic. The story all takes place at a Roadside Inn somewhere off the beaten path between Brighton and London. The characters are: the Innkeeper and his Wife, a Lady and her Maid, and a Lord and his Man. The Lady is running from her no-longer-bearable tawdry existence as the Regent's mistress, her Maid is bemoaning her own loss of living 'the high life', the Lord is trying to figure if he can use this chance encounter with the Lady to curry any favor with the Regent, and the Man has a secret past. All is not as it seems. There are romantic entanglements made and broken. And... True. Love. Triumphs.

"It's a wonderfully heartwarming show. Fairly easy to stage. With a musical score (sold separately) that is "to die for." It's a magical musical miracle that I heartily recommend to all. (Wouldn't it be nice if we could persuade someone to film a version for BBC or PBS? Then we could buy the DVD!)"
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York Theatre's
presentation of
in staged concert presentations
October 1 and 2, 2012
a huge success!

Audiences raved. This was a great event.

Producers are being contacted. New York theatrical VIPs were invited to see this Special Performance of the show, which featured some major Broadway names in the cast and the original instrumentation.

Now, the follow-ups ensue!

Producers, both those who attended and those who could not, are being contacted.

CONTRIBUTIONS  to this effort are welcome!




is a tale of romance and intrigue set in a country inn in the England of the early nineteenth century. A sudden accident to a coach and a gallant rescue brings to this inn four adventurous people—a lovely Lady, her Maid, Louise, a dashing Lord, and his Man, Charles. The Lady is the Prince's mistress, all too anxious to run away and leave behind the kind of life the Lord represents.  The Innkeeper and his Wife, eager to have these guests stay longer, hope that a love affair will 
be kindled...




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