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An amazing new musical - the true story of a Mexican woman who fell in love with Fidel Castro and almost became First Lady of Cuba

The Story . .

This is a true but little-known story about a woman who almost became First Lady of Cuba.

Exiled to Mexico, Fidel Castro plots—along with his brother Raúl and Ernesto “Che” Guevara—to overthrow the government of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. What Fidel does not anticipate is falling in love with a Mexican school teacher, Lía Cámara. Since Fidel has been ordered to use an assumed name (Alejandro) Lía has no idea of his true identity. They both hit it off splendidly. But Fidel must abandon her to wage revolution in Cuba.

Fidel rises to power, and Lía and her family are shocked when they recognize "Alejandro" on the TV news. Months after consolidating power, he sends for her. She flies to Havana and is received as a dignitary. She tours Cuba and decides to stay, where she finds herself establishing a rural school system to bring literacy to millions of Cuban peasants. In short order, however, she begins to have misgivings as the Revolution takes a dark, totalitarian turn.

Torn between her love for Fidel (who has asked her to marry him and become the First Lady), and her convictions, she abruptly decides to leave Cuba. Heartbroken, Fidel goes about his Revolution—lashing out with anger and terror against his political opponents—but across the decades, the former lovers remain very much in each other’s minds—and hearts.   



Song Selections

The cast welcomes the audience to Mérida, Mexico, a city where love rules

Mérida! (Company) 

Our wandering TROVADORES ("Troubadours") set the stage. They will be our musical narrators, and play the minor roles)

Island in the Sea (Trovadores) 


Fidel Castro is released from a Cuban prison and banished to Mexico. He tells his jailors and officials that they haven't seen the last of him!

I'll Be Back! (Fidel, Trovadores)

Lía has met Alejandro (Fidel's assigned name) and she feels  her perceptions changing.

Is Today a Holiday?  (Lía)


Lía and Fidel go to the beautiful beach in Mérida. She takes Fidel's picture. We see the picture she takes as Fidel freezes momentarily in tableau.

A Picture Perfect Picnic

Fidel, his brother Raul, and Che Guevara, all under close watch in Mexico City, plan their revolution.

Men of Action  (Fidel, Raul, Che)

Lia wonders if she can make a lifetime commitment to Alejandro (Fidel)

Love Means Always  (Lía)

Socorro, Lía's mother, is unhappy with the idea of Lía marrying a Cuban.

A Mother's Advice (Socorro, Trovadores)

Alejandro must return to Cuba. Lia doesn't understand why he must leave her, even if he promises to return later or send for her.

How Could I Not Love You? (Fidel, Lía)

The revolutionaries celebrate their victory at a festive gathering.

I Won't Dance With Anyone (Raul, Company)


Lía's father, Pedro, worries about his daughter's impending marriage to Fidel, who the family now realizes was the Alejandro they knew.

My Little Girl  (Pedro)

Lia, engaged to Fidel, is having second thoughts

Soliloquy (Lía, Trovadores)


Years later, Lía expresses her enduring love for Alejandro, who appears to her as the young suitor she remembers.
Finale  (Trovadores, Lía, Fidel )



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